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12 Months, 12 Edibles

Each wild edible is safe, easy-to-identify, abundant and delicious!
All provided in an easy-to-follow, self-paced format that you can fit into your schedule!

Identification, Recipes, Look-similars & More!

You'll get ALL the information you need to be confident in finding, eating and enjoying each plant!

Instructor Access & Community Mean You're Never Alone!

Live Q & A Sessions, a Community Page and anytime access to Instructors mean you never have to worry or wonder if you've got it right. You always have someone to ask!

Each month, for 12 months, you'll learn everything you need to know about ONE wild edible plant.

Every single plant in this program has been specifically chosen to be

  • easy to identify
  • easy to find
  • easy to prepare
  • abundant
  • healthy
  • and best of all, DELICIOUS!

As a Member of Wild Edible World, Each Month You'll Get...

A Complete Video Introduction

to that month's plant including close ups, common names, latin names, plant family, and key identification characteristics!

Guide to "Look Similar" Plants

and the easy ways you can tell the difference between them and that month's featured edible!


List of Key Identification Points

during ALL STAGES OF GROWTH to look for and check to confirm you have found the correct plant, whether or not it is in flower!

Step-by-step Follow Along

of how to find each plant in multiple different field guides and plant identification apps



Where and When

to look for each plant, including photos and video footage of each plant in its natural habitat!


What Parts are Edible

at what time of year you can eat them and when is the best time to harvest each edible part

Vitamin and Mineral Contents

and ways each plant may be able to positively impact your overall health


Contraindications and Warnings

who shouldn't eat it, any known drug interactions or other reasons why each plant may best be avoided by some people


Medicinal or Other Useful Aspects

that each edible plant may also have so you can get the best and fullest use out of it


so you can try each plant in several different ways and easily begin to incorporate it into your regular meal planning routine!

Special Preparation Tips

to ensure you have all the information you need to make each plant taste its absolute best!

Monthly Live
Q & A Session

where you can ask all your questions and have them answered directly by Julie!


It's Time to Go from
Wanting, Wishing and Wondering to
Exploring, Eating, Enjoying!

Aren't you tired of being apart from nature?

THIS is your opportunity to become a part OF Nature by becoming a part of Wild Edible World!

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