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Planning Your Garden
& Starting Seeds

Discover the 7 Question You Must Ask, What Type of Garden will Work for YOU, How to Choose the Ideal Plants to Grow and When to Start from Seed or Seedling!

Make THIS Your Garden Year!

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Why Do So Many People Only WISH They Had a Garden?

For most people "I'll do it next year" is the most common reason they NEVER grow a garden. Why do they use the same excuse year after year?
Because Gardening is HARD!    OR IS IT?
It Takes Too Much Space!    OR DOES IT?

I Don't Have Enough Time!    OR DO YOU?

The TRUTH is, when you know the Right Questions to Ask,
the Right Places to Look,
the Right Plants to Grow
and the Right Times to Start

Gardening is EASY!

Because You've Planned the RIGHT Garden for YOU

When You PLAN Your Garden

You create a space that suits YOUR needs and YOUR life. ANYONE can grow a garden and EVERYONE should!

When you grow your own food - whether it's a huge plot that feeds your family, a small garden to supplement your favorite foods, containers that are as beautiful as they are nutritious or herbs on your window sill - you are taking your food security into your own hands.

And that's a GREAT thing!


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Planning Your Garden & Starting Seeds

The Proven Method to Create the Garden You Want that Works for Your Life

  • 7 Question You MUST Ask
  • Choosing from 4 Styles of Garden
  • Weeds, Drought, Bugs & Heat: Dealing with the Worst Parts 
  • Rows vs. Intensive Planting: Which is for you?
  • Companion Planting: Does it work?
  • What to Grow: How do you know?
  • Creating Your Ideal Garden Plan
  • Seeds vs. Seedlings: Which to Plant When
  • Learn the "Garden Jargon": Leave confusion behind!
  • Easy indoor greenhouses and DIY Seed Starter Setups
  • Transplanting Seedlings
  • Heirloom vs. Hybrid vs. GMO: What's the Difference?
  • Reputable Sources to Get You Started

Stop Waiting for "Next Year"

Enroll Now to Start Your Ideal Garden THIS YEAR!

How Do You Create the Ideal Garden that Works for You and Your Life?

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Plan Your Garden

Watch the videos on your own time, answer the questions, follow the guides and get started Planning Your Garden & Starting Your Seeds!

If you have questions, we're always here to answer them. Remember: There has never been a better time to start  a garden that Right Now!

Enjoy Your Bounty!

Nothing tastes better than home-grown food picked fresh from your own garden: The flavor, the nutritional value, the satisfaction of knowing you can feed yourself and your family...

Take pride in a job well done and enjoy the delicious fruits of your labor!

Take Your  Food Security into Your Own Hands

Prices keep rising, inflation isn't going anywhere and these days store shelves are empty as often as not. You don't have to remain at the mercy of broken supply chains. Growing your own food -- even a small portion of it -- brings your food security back into your own hands.

Not very long ago everyone had a garden. Growing your vegetables and greens and fruits and herbs was how you ate. Stores were for staples like flour and sugar and butter and oatmeal. Families took pride in the bounty they produced, knowing it would feed their family through the year. Children spent their summers pulling weeds and shelling peas and shucking corn and eating as many berries as ended up in their picking pails.

Now we live in a world our Great-Grandparents would have found impossible to believe. A world where "someone else" grows your food. Where flavor is no longer important and shelf life rules. Where you can buy a tomato in February, but it tastes like... nothing. A world where corn sits in a bin for weeks, flavorless and dried out, instead of being eating fresh, juicy and sweet within hours of being picked. Where executives in high rise suites and scientists in labs decide what will be grown and where it will be sold, or if the food that you expect to come to your store will go somewhere else instead. Where the average meal you eat travels over 3000 miles before it hits your plate. 

War, pandemic, clogged ports, rail strikes, trucker shortages, supply chains that stretch halfway around the world... If you're like me the troubles we've all experienced over the past few years have kept you awake more than one night. If you're like me you've stood in front of bare grocery shelves wondering, is this the new normal? If you're anything like me you're ready to take some of your power back and start finding ways to rely more on yourself and your local community than on what may or may not be available when you need it.

Growing Your Own Garden is a simple way to do just that.

Big or small, all your food or a few favorites, raised beds in your backyard or containers on your patio, growing food is your birthright. Let us guide you through Planning the Right Garden to Fit Your Life!


Doors Open March 1st!

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Still Have Questions? Here's Some Answers!

There's Never Been a Better Time to Start Your Garden than NOW!

If you've always wanted a garden, if you've tried gardening but found it too time-consuming or too frustrating, if you have a small yard or no yard, if you're soil is crappy, if you live in a rental, if live in the ideal place but have been too intimidated to start, if you have a garden but you don't enjoy it or you're not using it to its full potential,

We Can Help!

Plan the Garden that will Work for YOU, for YOUR Life, for YOUR Schedule!


(Doors Open March 1st!)
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