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The Masterclass

Discover the Science & Secrets Behind the Amazing World of Medicinal Plants!

The Time has Come to Do Your Health a Favor and
Bring the Power of Plants into Your Life!

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No More "Magic", No More Fear

  • Get step-by-step guidance as you discover the proven power behind the science that underpins plant medicine.
  • Build confidence in your own knowledge, instead of wasting money on overpriced herbal remedies you don't need, simply because they are popular.

Your Life,
Your Health!

  • Save time and money as you spend less time in the doctor's office and more time building your knowledge AND your overall health 
  • Understand and assist your Immune System so you don't get sick in the first place!

Build Confidence in YOU!

  • Discover the power of plants and the medicines they contain
  • Wipe away fear and confusion as you build a new level of confidence in understanding what your body needs
  • Take charge of your own health using powerful, yet safe, "food grade" herbals.

Too Many People...

have spent their lives believing that traditional remedies and plant medicines are failed remnants of the "Dark Ages" used only by wishful thinkers, gullible gomers and conspiracy theorists.

Or they are convinced that the entire realm of Plant-based medicine is too complicated, confusing and dangerous for the average person to use at home.

Nothing Could be Further from the Truth!

It's time to demystify this ancient art that our ancestors new so well, but we have all but forgotten. 

To wipe away fear and confusion. To replace it with confidence and empowerment, as you Discover the Power of Nature's Pharmacy!

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What it IS...

  • a step-by-step program to guide you through understanding both how and why plant medicines are so powerful and effective.
  • based in science, research, history and sound principles.
  • designed for the average person ready to begin taking charge of their own health and well-being.
  • for those interested in a holistic approach to health that includes respecting both plant medicine and modern medicine as equal partners.
  • going to provide you with a solid understanding of how the body and immune system work, the science behind the "magic" of plant medicines, and the confidence to put the two together!
  • going to give you the confidence and ability to choose remedies that are safe, effective and useful, along with a full understanding of how they will affect your body, immune system, and overall health & well-being

What it is NOT...

  • a certification program or going to turn you into an "overnight herbalist".
  • based in fear or an attempt to scare you away from modern medicine or pharmaceuticals. We believe they both work best when used hand-in-hand!
  • a list of "use this plant for this problem". Different plants grow in different parts of the country and world!
  • a "cookie cutter" approach to herbalism that treats everyone the same or makes assumptions about what you may need.
  • an excuse to try and trick or coerce you into buying our own expensive herbal preparations.
  • going to confuse you by using confusing or overly-complicated medical jargon. It's a program designed for the average person!  (Although many medical professionals have used this course to expand their own knowledge-base!)  

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  • 8 LIVE Weekly Sessions designed to teach "regular people" the science behind the power of plant medicines.
  • The confidence, understanding and knowledge to develop your own herbal medicine cabinet, based on your OWN body and OWN health. 
  • 8 Herbal Medicine Modules that break the subject up into easily-understandable bite-sized chunks.
  • Downloadable Reference Guides, Templates & Cheat Sheets to assist you in building your own, individualized Herbal Medicine Guide to Health.
  • Online Community Group to ask questions and share ideas with both Eddie & Julie, as well as your peers. 
  • A Proven Method for building your understanding of the Power of Nature's Pharmacy in less time and with more certainty than you could do it on your own!

What Do Our Students Have to Say?

"I just wanted to tell you how very happy I am with how the class is going. You both have a way of breaking a complicated subject down that makes it so easy to learn. Sometimes I think that "I know this already" but you surprise me and I learn something new. Thanks so much and I can't wait for our next class"

Kathy Mertrud

"I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Discovering Nature's Pharmacy. I just ordered more Elderberries to make syrup, and astragalus root in a conscious effort to boost our immune systems. I planted my very own Elderberry bush, and planted and harvested calendula, valerian and plantain. I find myself practicing what I learned from you guys in significant ways - the result being that you both made a very positive impact on me and by extension, my family."

Sue Tettemer

"Melanie and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your wonderful Medicinal Plants course. We value the information we received and look forward to applying it, as well as building upon our new knowledge. You are great presenters and gracious hosts.  We look forward to taking our next class. Thank you!" 

Cheryl Sedia

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