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Busting Your Normalcy Bias Teaches You to See the World as it IS

Stop Living in a World where Media tells you what to think.
Break through the political fog;
Learn to see what IS happening and how to prepare for what will come.

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LIVE Video Gathering

We'll get together once every month to discuss the major media & political manipulations currently in the news, the stories you're NOT hearing about, patterns, anomalies, long-term impacts, how you should prepare and more!

Live Q & A Session

This Live monthly video session will give you the chance to to ask all your questions and go deeper in discussions of major events and issues of the day, how they may translate into possible & probable futures, and how you can best be prepared to meet them.

"What To Watch"

Receive as it happens emails informing you about stories you should be paying attention to, political spin that is currently center stage and next steps in patterns as they develop in real time!

You'll also get info on  subject expert interviews!

Stressed? Anxious? Frustrated? Afraid?

If you're like many of our students you know that there’s too much happening in the world to always follow everything, everywhere, all the time.

But you also know that there is so much happening that you NEED to know!

And the not knowing, the not understanding, the feeling like there are things you’re just not getting, that causes real stress, real fear and real anxiety.

We know you’ve had more than enough of that over these past two years, so we’re here to help.

What If...

  • What if there was a way you could learn about all the important stories and current events going on around the world without having to spend 12 hours a day watching and reading and consuming news? 
  • What if there was a way you could keep up with all the patterns and anomalies and curiosities occurring without you having to document them all yourself?
  • What if there was someone you could talk to about all of the changes happening in the world, all the stories that aren't being told, all the concerns you have about the direction of the country and the world, without being called a crazy conspiracy theorist?

What if I told you... THERE IS!

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It's Time to Stop Hiding and Start Seeing

Yes, it's a strange world out there. Yes, things are changing at a pace so fast it feels impossible to keep up. You're right, this is not the same country, the same world, you thought you lived in just two years ago.

But what if I told you that it didn't start with Covid? Or with Biden? Or with Trump?

Seeing the world as it actually is, not how we think it must be, is one of the hardest things you will learn to do. It's almost impossible to do on your own, but it's one of the most important things you will ever do in your life.

And it's why we created this program.

Stop Trying to Figure it Out On Your Own!

People have coaches for all kinds of things they struggle with on their own: Fitness coaches, Health coaches, Diet coaches, Financial coaches, Relationship coaches, even Life coaches.

In Busting Your Normalcy Bias we will be your media coach, your future coach, your preparedness coach; your bridge to keeping up with all the important stories, events & circumstances.

We will be your guide to spotting the patterns and anomalies you need to be follow in order to properly prepare yourself and your loved ones for all the interesting times ahead.

To help you see the news, the world, the present and the future as they actually are, not how we all wish they would be.

This isn't about political party. This isn't about Left vs. Right.
This isn't about telling you what to think or filling your head with what we believe.

This is about following the breadcrumbs... spotting the tracks... pulling back the curtain
and figuring out what is ACTUALLY going on in the world!

Yes! I Want That!

What IS Normalcy Bias Anyway?

If you feel like you don't know what is true or who to trust or what to believe, and you look to the news to tell you, that’s your Normalcy Bias at work.

What most people don't realize is...

Our brains do not show us the world as it actually IS.
Our brains show us the world
that has been the most useful to us in the past.

The safest way. The easiest way. The least complicated way that requires the least amount of work to think about.

Growing up, we were taught to believe that when people are talking to us they follow certain rules. Like the “rules of the road”, but for conversations. We don’t even realize that we believe these things but the our subconscious expectation is always that the person talking to us will:

  1. Be informative, but not give us information we don't need.
  2. Tell the truth and not say things for which they have no evidence.
  3. Tell us the relevant information and not bother with facts that are not relevant.
  4. Be clear, brief, orderly and unambiguous in their relaying of the information, so we can come to a proper and reasoned conclusion about what they’re telling us.

When we watch or read news, or listen to politicians or business leaders or follow stories on social media we can’t help it - it’s ingrained within us to always believe these rules are being followed.

But they’re not.

It is the exploitation of these very Rules of Conversation that makes it so easy for politicians and reporters to tell the truth, yet misinform, at the same time.

THIS is what makes Fake News a very real thing, and what makes Busting Your Normalcy Bias so important!

That is why we've made Busting Your Normalcy Bias a monthly membership program instead of a Masterclass Intensive – because this isn’t something you learn in a weekend or a week or a month and you’re done.

Busting Your Normalcy Bias, seeing the world around us as it IS, breaking through the walls of intentional obfuscation, is an ongoing process and it Takes Practice.

It takes practice.
It takes other people to talk to.
It takes conscious effort and
It only happens over time.

Look, I'm not going to lie to you.
It’s normal to feel scared.
It’s normal to feel confused.
It’s normal to feel anxious.

We've all been pushed to feel that way for two years!
Now, it's become "normal".
And our brains like what is normal.
What is comfortable and easy and safe.

The problem is, under the surface, today's world is anything but.

You can stay where you feel safe. You can stay where you feel comfortable. You can stay where things feel easy. You can live in your world of Normalcy Bias and forget you ever saw this page or heard of this program.

And you can stay anxious and confused and fearful and sad and frustrated and depressed, because that is what the world has taught your brain is the most useful way to be over these past two years.


You can make the leap, break through the barrier, step through the looking glass and Bust Your Normalcy Bias!

You can discover how the Rules of Conversation and the Theory of Misinformation are being used against you!

You can open your eyes to see the REAL ways in which we are all being played by “Fake News”

You can leave the fear, anxiety, confusion and frustration behind and step forward in confidence, strength and hope!

The World as it Actually is may not
be a perfect garden,
but it’s definitely not a wasteland!

Join us in Busting Your Normalcy Bias where we are dedicated to helping you to find your way through the confusing maze of modern political and media madness, toward a future that will be as safe and as prosperous and hopeful as it can possibly be!

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