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Being Prepared is NOT a
One-Size-Fits-All !

Every person, every family, every workplace is unique!
So are the plans, tools and supplies you'll need to get safely through an emergency or disaster situation.

Join the World's Most Comprehensive Personal Preparedness Program to ensure you and your loved ones meet every unexpected circumstance with with the Best Possible Chance for Success!

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No More Guesswork

  • Get individualized, step-by-step guidance to create your own Personal Preparedness Plan
  • Answer simple questions and fill out easy worksheets to establish the Emergency Preparations that are right for you, your family, your life

Your Life, Your Plan

  • You won't break the bank -- Build your plan around your budget!
  • It doesn't matter where you live -- your plan will be scaled to your home and your life!
  • Be ready for all kinds of unexpected events, no matter where they occur

Be Ready, Anywhere

  • Have plans in place for home, work, car, vacation, every day, every where.
  • Forget about zombies -- Build your plan for your most likely emergency scenarios, both shelter-in-place and evacuation.
  • Every part of your plan personalized for YOU!

Too Many People...

never prepare for  emergencies because they

  • don't know where to begin
  • are confused by all the options,
  • feel overwhelmed by the very idea
  • think it will be too time-consuming or too expensive
  • are afraid others will think they've turned into "crazy prepper people"

So never get prepared at all.

When an emergency happens they find themselves at the mercy of the mob, staring at empty store shelves, or stuck on the highway with no provisions, no preparations and no plan.

It Doesn't Have to Be That Way!

Let Go of Confusion, Fear and Anxiety because You Know

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What It IS:

  • A comprehensive, step-by-step program to guide you through the process of preparing your life for every type of unexpected scenario.
  • Based on realistic situations and likely  scenarios, specific to you and your life.
  • A new way to think about Being Prepared in a that will enhance your life and your family.
  • A holistic approach to Preparedness for every area of your life, not just major disasters.
  • A complete guide to creating your preparations, based on your budget, appropriate to your life!
  • A great way to get your entire family involved and excited about being ready for anything!
  • The fastest, simplest way to let go of fear, anxiety, confusion and frustration about the future, forever.

What it is NOT:

  • A lot of fluff and filler that will leave you with still more questions and confusion.
  • Based in fear or designed to scare you into spending money on useless or irrelevant products.
  • An attempt to trick you into buying pre-made kits or "pet products" -- We don't sell them!
  • A cookie-cutter approach to preparedness that treats everyone the same or makes assumptions about what you may face or need.
  • Going to break your budget buying over-priced, ineffective, one-size-fits-all products.
  • Focused on a single scenario, like "surviving" a 72 hour power outage or building a "GO" Bag.
  • About surviving the zombie apocalypse or other unrealistic or extreme scenarios
  • Going to turn you into a "prepper" or conspiracy theorist.


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  • 8 LIVE Weekly Sessions covering  every type of unexpected event, no matter where you live or who you're with; Home, Car, Work,  School, Vacation, Family, Kids, Pets, Medical & Financial.
  • Everything you need to prepare for both Shelter-in-Place and Evacuation Scenarios.
  • LIVE Q&A sessions with Julie & Eddie.
  • 8 Be Prepared Modules covering every aspect of Preparedness.
  • Downloadable Worksheets, Templates & Question Sets to create your own, Personalized Preparedness Planner.
  • Online Community Group to ask questions and share ideas with your fellow students.
  • One-on-one coaching sessions to answer all your questions personally.
  • A PROVEN method to successfully create your full set of preparations, used by hundreds of students over the past decade.


What Do Our Students Say?

"I want to tell you that I enjoyed the Preparing for Emergencies class so much! The tips and strategies that you and Eddie shared were invaluable. I had tried to collect this information from several sources but you presented an easy to understand plan for either evacuation or sheltering in place. I will be recommending your class to everyone"

Sherry Grasso

"Just got through watching Tuesday's meeting and wanted to say thank you.  The Preparedness Masterclass led me to some life changing measures and they’ve all been for the better.  I’m so grateful the two of you entered my life almost a decade ago. I consider myself so very fortunate to count you among my friends and mentors.  You’ve made a huge difference in my life and that of my family and I am eternally grateful.  Sometimes, things like that go unsaid.  Not this time. You need to know what a huge impact you’ve had on me.  Thanks for everything.  You’re awesome!"

Jason Fahnesock

"With this major hurrricane coming our way, Stacey and I are sending our thanks for the skills you guys taught us! A lot of people are worried, but we are excited and confident, because we get to use our plans. Thanks again!"

Tim Weiant

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